Competition Prize Draw

Our latest competition gives you a chance to win a copy of ‘Corporations Compassion Culture: Leading Your Business toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion‘ by Keesa C. Schreane.

This competition has now closed and we will announce the winner soon.

Keesa Book cover

Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs are a must for today’s corporations, yet many corporations worldwide have failed to establish real equality in an actionable, measurable way.

Corporations Compassion Culture: Leading Your Business toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion takes a new and more effective approach to driving equity and inclusion in the corporate world, focusing on how a culture of compassion can lead to more vibrant, higher performing teams. You’ll learn how many standard corporate activities actually damage employees’ well-being and engagement—and how to dismantle those practices. You’ll also learn how to build a new and better corporate environment that responds to all employees’ needs and meets shareholders’ demands for stability and risk mitigation. This book will enable you to create strategies and tactics for integrating racial, cultural and gender equity, inclusion, and compassion into businesses in a way that enriches society, employees, and the corporate entity itself.

The book is available to buy from Wiley.

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About Keesa

KEESA C. SCHREANE is Global Partner Director at Refinitiv where she focuses on supply chain risk and environmental, social, and governance data and partnerships. She is also host and producer of Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives Podcast.