Competition Prize Draw

Congratulations to Jas Dhillon who a copy of ’Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy’, by Dr Julia Jones, PLUS access to the 8-week Smart Wellness Challenge that features on-demand videos, audio and slides to show you exactly how to rapidly implement the science and hacks featured in her book. A total prize value of £247.

Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy is the latest volume in a series which draws attention to the shortcomings of previous diet and fitness approaches to health and the failure of all these multi-billion trends to produce healthy nations.

The book and challenge are available to buy from Dr Julia Jones’ website or Amazon.

Listen to Dr Julia Jones on Show 102 of the csuite podcast

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About Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock

As a neuroscientist, Julia has been studying various aspects of brain science for 30 years via her PhD, MSc, MBA research. She completed her Applied Neuroscience postgraduate studies at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London. She was first introduced to ’smart wellness’ concepts in 1991 while visiting a US Naval Base in California as a Sport & Exercise Science undergraduate. As a musician, she was particularly fascinated by the way they were influencing brain responses using music and sound to control anxiety in high stress situations, boost performance, aid sleep, maintain motivation and confidence. Following graduation she used these same techniques with GB Olympic teams and has been using them in her work with clients ever since. Hence, how she gained the nickname – ‘Dr Rock’. Julia advises business leaders, government groups, elite sport, NHS and private clients on the general use of music and wellness strategies and programming. As an author she began publishing her ‘Health Trilogy’ series of 3 wellness books in 2019 to encourage a new approach to wellness and to highlight the scientific reasons why diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations. The first book in that series was titled ‘The Music Diet’ and showed exactly how to harness the power of sound for wellness. The second book published in April 2021 – ’titled’ NEURON – broadens the topic and show how she cancelled her gym membership and instead purely used simple smart wellness hacks and habits to supercharge her own health with ease, during a 12-month experiment. It entered the Amazon Bestseller chart and has been very well received by the media and general public.