Competition Prize Draw

Win a copy of ‘Unignorable’ by Oliver Aust

Congratulations to Nicola McGrath who won a copy of Tom Cheesewright’s latest book ‘Future-Proof Your Business’ in our previous competition.

Our latest competition gives you a chance to win a copy of ‘Unignorable’ by Oliver Aust.

The invisible don’t build great businesses. The unignorable do. In the digital age, being good at your job is no longer enough. To be truly successful, you must be both talented and visible. Building an authentic personal brand is the key to getting the recognition you deserve and the opportunities you dream of.

Everyone has a reputation. So why not build a reputation you love? One that is authentic, plays to your strengths and boosts your business.

In Unignorable, Oliver guides you through a 30-day process of building your personal brand online and offline. You will work on your mindset, motivation, method and message. By the end of the four weeks, you will have a tailor-made personal branding strategy and the skills required to execute it with maximum success. You will have learned how to become truly unignorable. In uncertain times, your reputation is your greatest asset.

Oliver is a German founder and CEO of Eo Ipso Communications. He hosts the podcast Speak Like a CEO and Unignorable is his 3rd book.

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