Client Testimonials

Here are some wonderful testimonials from recent sponsors of our podcast:

Microsoft Logo

Victoria Oakes, Head of Digital Destinations  & Storytelling, Microsoft UK – Sponsors of the shows produced from Microsoft Future Decoded 

“The aim of the podcasts was to bring to life some of the messages we were landing at Future Decoded in a more informal way and a format that is really easy for people to digest and interesting to listen to.

We worked with Russell for about three weeks running up to the event planning the speakers and content. Russell was very proactive with the brief and took the narrative framework, the session information and the key people and carved out questions and liaised directly with the speakers and their key contacts. He provided end summaries of the schedule and ensured he shared all updates and any blockers of how things were progressing.

This new innovative way of communicating has worked well with our audience and has performed well on our social networks too as it is a different way to absorb content quickly.

The professionalism of the podcasts and how Russell and his team conducted themselves at the event was noted by many senior leaders at Microsoft and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

Corporate Content Awards

This project has also been shortlist for the 2018 Corporate Content Awards


Capstone Hill logo

Alex Robinson, MD UK & Europe, Capstone Hill Search – Sponsors of our Cannes Lions 2017 series of shows.“Whilst we wouldn’t be able to release specific ROI on our partnership, we see the value as being far deeper and further-reaching than a number on a page.  Ultimately, it is these guided human connections that set the foundation and provide the building blocks for future success – for us, for our clients and for our candidates.

Our own success depends on our network, our ability to keep that network fresh and our tenacity and credibility in generating ripples of influence.  Ultimately, we are the PR people for PR people – we create opportunities and facilitate introductions and our best work often happens beyond the obvious.

As such, presence and participation in meaningful conversations is not just an aspiration – it’s essential.”


FleishmanHillard Fishburn Logo

Andy Jones, Marketing manager FleishmanHillard Fishburn – sponsors of Show 50 on ‘The Authenticity Gap’

“When we launched this year’s UK Authenticity Gap report, we wanted to do something a little different than just the traditional press release. Our Deputy CEO, Ali Gee, had already appeared on a previous episode of the csuite podcast, so I knew Russell knew what he was doing and could be trusted to help us create something special.

We have an in-house design studio so we could have created something similar on our own, but the opportunity to work with an outside brand allowed us to tap into a different audience than we might have been able to reach. Having produced many episodes with a variety of top tier guests, it was an exciting sponsorship opportunity for us.

With Russell, a lot of the stress was handled by him. As host, he thoroughly researched the topic and came in with fresh questions that perhaps we, who have worked too closely to the topic, might not think interesting.

The real objective of the podcast was to drive people towards our Executive Summary or to request the full report and we’ve had a significant increase in views against previous years reports. Not only that, but internal feedback has been great for us, which has reinforced our opinion that it was the right decision to work with Russell.”


A Blueprint for Better Business Logo

Bex Dawkes, A Blueprint for Better Business – sponsors of Show 53 on ‘How to find inspiration away from your desk’

“Russ was a delight to work with. His help and expertise in creating a timely and thoughtful podcast for us was invaluable. The time he committed to preparation beforehand really shone through on the day of recording: his knowledge of the subject matter and prior discussions with the podcast guests meant that everyone was immediately at ease. An excellent conversation was captured as a result.

I have no qualms in highly recommending Russell to anyone looking for help in planning, recording and producing a podcast. I will definitely be using his services in the future.”


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